Ignite Innovation with AI Get clarity on impactful AI opportunities for your business and capitalise on AI's capabilities.

You know AI is transformative, but are unsure how to start.

Many organisations struggle with identifying where to apply AI and what to automate to ensure these new AI solutions will be used and desired by their business users. This challenge is amplified by the gap between non-technical people and technical AI/Data experts.

I’m here to help you overcome this.

Focus on process, not tech with the AI Design Sprint™

Bridge Business and Technology

Based on the Google Design Sprint principle, the AI Design Sprint™ helps bridge the gap between business and technology. This framework is tailored to explore and map AI opportunities effectively.

Explore AI Opportunities

Identify where AI can add the most value to your operations. Map and assess opportunities to define a strategic direction for AI as part of your digital strategy.

Enhance Services and Innovation

Improve existing services and customer journeys through AI. Automate processes based on user needs, ensuring AI-driven growth is ethical and sustainable.

How it works

AI Opportunity Mapping

Where in my Organisation can I apply AI?

Uncover the most valuable AI opportunities within your organisation.


What processes can I automate with AI?

Identify key processes for AI automation within your team or department.

Concept Development

How can I automate a process with AI?

Develop and assess AI solution concepts with a comprehensive brief.

The outcomes

Pinpointed processes with high-value potential for AI automation
Evaluated potential for user adoption
Unified stakeholders around AI objectives, scope, and deployment plans
Defined the value proposition of AI solutions
Developed concepts for a user-centric and ethical AI solution specific to your business needs


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